Our Story

The Journey of Andjoy Coffee

The Secret Behind Andjoy's Specialty Coffee

Founded in 2023, we are passionate coffee enthusiasts who turn our love for coffee into a thriving business venture.
Our core focus is on roasting premium coffee beans to perfection to bring out their unique flavors, ensuring that every cup of coffee brewed from our beans is a delightful experience.

We carefully source our beans from sustainable local farms, emphasizing fair trade practices. Our journey is driven by a dedication to crafting the finest coffee beans for both connoisseurs and everyday coffee lovers, making every sip an exceptional moment.

Crafting Happiness

Indonesian Specialty Coffee

We take pride in offering a diverse product lineups designed to cater to a wide range of coffee preferences.

Our core offerings include meticulously Roasted Coffee Beans, the heart and soul of our products.

For those seeking convenience without compromising on taste, we have our innovative Drip Bag Coffee. It’s a hassle-free way to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of our coffee wherever you are. Just add hot water, and you’re ready to savor the rich flavors of our beans.

We also understand the need for on-the-go options, which is why we offer a selection of Ready to Drink coffee beverages. These are expertly crafted to deliver the same quality and flavor you expect from our roastery, conveniently packaged and ready to enjoy whenever you crave a caffeine fix.

Our Diverse Clientele

From Cafes to Hotels, We Serve Excellence

We are delighted to have a diverse clientele that spans across cafes, hotels, and home brewers. Our commitment to excellence in coffee allows us to cater to the unique needs of each of these valued customer groups.

For Cafes, we offer consultation services to optimize their coffee offerings, ensuring they can serve the finest brews while maximizing their efficiency and profitability. We provide a wide range of House Blend roasted beans sourced from across Indonesia.

Hotels choose us for our dedication to quality and consistency. We understand the importance of delivering an exceptional guest experience, and our coffee products contribute to that by ensuring a delightful morning cup for their guests.

Home Brewers, the passionate individuals who appreciate the art of brewing, are a vital part of our community. We offer a range of coffee products to elevate their home coffee experience.

Andjoy Future Plan

The Andjoy Coffee Tale Unveiled

Expert Barista Training

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Business Franchise

Coming soon.

Expert Roaster

Coming soon.

Interested in partnership with us or exploring business opportunities?

Join us in shaping the future of the coffee industry, explore investment opportunities with Andjoy Coffee. Contact our partnership team today to discuss potential ventures.

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